File Making Machine

Introducing the File Making Machine from Ajya Mistry And Sons!

Our machine is like a dependable friend, boasting a strong and durable structure, a safe closed-body design, and the convenience of an easy-to-operate electromagnet clutch.

These machines are the magic behind crafting top-notch files in a range of delightful varieties.

Thanks to its electric control panel, operating this machine is a breeze, and anyone, regardless of their skill level or training, can jump right in.

Worried about wear and tear? Don’t be! Our machine’s heavy-duty build ensures smooth operation over the long haul. We’re so confident in its reliability that we guarantee decades of trouble-free performance. Just like a true friend, this machine is here to stand the test of time by your side.

File Master Machine

File Master Machine

Semi Automatic Machine for Best Quality Office, Spring, Tag, and Box Files Manufacturing.

Runs on a 1 HP single-phase motor with an electric foot-operated switch.

Electromagnet Clutch for Starting or stopping the machine.

Various die sets for different operations of file-making can be fitted on the same machine.

Lever Arch Eyelet Fitting Machine

Lever Arch Eyelet fitting machine is used to fit lever arch mechanism eyelets in one single stroke of the machine at the rate of 600 files per hour.

Lever Arch Eyelet Fitting Machine

Automatic Office Spring File Creasing Machine

“Ajya Mistry And Sons ” Introduces Programmable “Automatic Office / Spring File Creasing Machine”. This machine makes creasing lines for office or spring files automatically.

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