Lever Arch Mechanism Eyelet Fitting Machine

Lever Arch Mechanism Eyelet Fitting Machine

Lever Arch Mechanism Fitting Machine to Fit Lever Mechanism in Box or Lever Arch File

Lever Arch Mechanism Eyelet Fitting Machine
Lever Arch Mechanism Eyelet Fitting Machine

Mechanism Fitting Machine

The Mechanism Fitting Machine, ingeniously developed by Ajya Mistry and Sons, revolutionizes the lever arch mechanism fitting process. This cutting-edge machine not only simplifies the entire process but also underscores the utmost significance of seamless lever mechanism fitting in file production. Experience unrivaled efficiency and effortless operation with our innovative solution.

With its unique capability to fit all four eyelets in one stroke, this cutting-edge machine enables incredibly easy lever mechanism fitting. As a result, superior quality and precise fitting of the eyelets can be achieved. This not only saves time but also guarantees excellent job repeatability, eliminating any unnecessary material loss of files or eyelets.

Impressive performance is delivered by our mechanism fitting machine, powered by a powerful 1 HP single-phase motor. Operating at a production rate of 10 to 12 files per minute, it can generate a remarkable 600 files per hour or 4800 files in an 8-hour shift. Such high productivity ensures efficient meeting of production targets.

Durability and reliable performance are guaranteed by our machine, which features an electromagnetic clutch and is built with robust mechanisms. Outperforming other automatic machines in the market, it provides better results at a highly competitive price point. Additionally, the machine is user-friendly and straightforward, eliminating the need for specialized skills to operate it.

Whether manual or automatic machines are of interest, we have a diverse range of machines to cater to different requirements and budgets. Contact us today to explore the options and find the perfect fit for your file production needs.

Ajya Mistry and Sons are your trusted partners for innovative and efficient machinery solutions.

Product Specification

Production Capacity4800 Files Per Day per machine
Number of Eyelets can be fitThe number of Eyelets can be fit
Power Consumption0.75 Kw
Minimum Order Quantity1 Piece
Weight385 Kg
Working size18″

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