About US

” Ajya Mistry And Sons” is one of the leading manufacturer of Machinery for Printing, Packaging, Plastic, textile Industry.

We have wide range of products to suit each customers specific requirement. Our Machines can help customers to start small, improvise productivity and make quality products.

Our Expertise in designing New Machines for making existing businesses and processes Modern and Quality Centric distinguish us among Others. Our Efforts are always to give customers a satisfaction.

Our Workshop is equipped with set of Machinery Like Lathes, Grinding, Milling, Shaping and Drilling. Beside this we outsource our work to others for giving timely delivery.

We have now started developing several automatic Machinery for various industries by keeping in mind the changes in manufacturing processes. Now Customers want quality product with timely delivery and like to stay ahead of competition. Our Expertise in Atomizing the processes with Use of Latest Automation Products and Technology makes us as better choice ahead of our competitors. .

The use of branded quality products for manufacturing our machines makes us standout in worlds competitive environment. Our main aim for using branded product is to improve products life as well as helping customers to get service at their location from this brands. Our customers can find easy replacement of faulty or worn out parts from this brands easily. Also we do use specific brands in machines if customer suggests.

In today’s competitive World its important to stay ahead by investing in New Technology and make processes faster and more independent. Skilled labor is now not easy to find , so its important that we invest in machinery in such a way that any unskilled or semi skilled person can work on it. We are putting our efforts in this direction by developing new machinery which are easy to use.

In recent years we have worked on several projects for different customers. Some of the projects are

Automatic Wiro Cutting, Inserting and Closing Machine

Automatic Machine For Orally Disintegrating(ODF) Film Cutting and Packing

Automatic Machine for Orally Disintegrating Film Single Dose Sachet Packing

Automatic Print Mark Detection and Cutting Machine

Cardboard V Grooving Machine

Automatic PVC Reel to Sheet Cutting Machine for A4 and A3 sheets

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