Automatic Wiro Binding Machine

Automatic Wiro Binding Machine

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Working of Machine

This machine is specially design to make your calendars binding easy. This machine is capable of wiro binding for Desk Calendars, Wall Calendars and notebooks.

Very easy to use. This machine takes the input of wiro holes in control panel, and then cuts wiro in desired number of loops as per number holes on sheets. Then cuts the wiro, inserts & closes it very efficiently.

This saves wiro handling time, Saves cost in waste of wiro and speeds up wiro binding work.

Automatic Wiro Closing

Automatic Wiro Inserting Cutting And Closing Machine for Books, Desk and Wall Calendars.

Machine cuts the wiro in loops as per loop count set in control panel.

Wiro is cut in desire length by cutter and pass into die for inserting and closing of book.

Book is placed on table for wiro inserting and closing ,close to guide provided for alignment.

Then Foot pedal is press for inserting and closing of wiro.

Then book is removed from table and new book is placed for wiro binding.

With Calendar Hanger inserting automatically.

Loop count can be change easily through Digital Control Panel.

Wiro Machine Details:

Minimum Order Quantity1 Piece
Automatic GradeFully Automatic
Max Binding Thickness<20 mm
Max Binding Book Width400-500 mm
Max Binding Sheet Width400-500 mm
Hole Size4 x 4mm
Weight (kg)500 to 600 Kg
Speed (Hr)1100 to 1200 Books / Hour
WarrantyOne year

Wiro Closing Features:

  • Auto Wiro Loop Cutting
  • Auto Wall Calendar Hanger Inserting
  • Auto Wiro Closing

Wiro Clsoing Process Details:

  • It cuts wiro as per loops count
  • Positions wiro at desire location
  • Book placed manually
  • Wiro Automatically inserted and closed.
  • Automatic Hanger Insertion for Calendars
  • Fully Programmable Control Panel
  • Blower for Wiro Paper wastage Removal
  • Auto Spool Un winder

Additional Information:

  • Delivery Time: 45 Days
  • Packaging Details: wooden packing

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Spiral And Wiro Hole Punching Machines

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