Automatic Wiro Binding Machine

Introducing our Automatic Wiro Closing Machine, a testament to the years of hard work and dedication by Ajya Mistry and Sons. Designed specifically for calendar binding, this machine revolutionizes the wiro closing process, making it effortless and efficient. It is capable of wiro binding for a wide range of products, including Desk Calendars, Wall Calendars, and notebooks.

Automatic Wiro Binding Machine

Automatic Wiro Closing

Using this machine is a breeze. Simply input the number of wiro holes into the control panel, and the machine will accurately cut the wiro into the desired number of loops based on the sheet’s hole count. It then swiftly inserts and closes the wiro, streamlining the entire process. This not only saves time but also reduces wiro handling and minimizes waste, resulting in significant cost savings.

Our Automatic Wiro Inserting Cutting and Closing Machine is perfect for books, desk calendars, and wall calendars. By setting the loop count in the control panel, the machine precisely cuts the wiro to the required length. The cutter ensures clean cuts, and the die effectively inserts and closes the wiro, ensuring a secure binding.

One notable advantage of this machine is its compatibility with wiro spools. By utilizing wiro in spool form, you can save on the initial purchase cost. Cut-size wiro can be more expensive, but with this machine, you can easily save at least 5% on your overall costs.

No more worries about wastage or manual wiro cutting. This machine eliminates the need for manual wiro cutting or the use of another machine for inserting. You can program the machine to cut the exact number of wiro loops required for your calendar, minimizing waste and maximizing efficiency.

Furthermore, this versatile machine caters to both desk calendars with stands and wall calendars with hangers. It even offers the convenience of automatically inserting hangers, simplifying the process further.

The Automatic Wiro Closing Machine also reduces labor costs. With only one or two operators required for wiro closing, you can streamline your production and optimize resource allocation. The machine’s table and alignment guide ensures precise positioning, and the foot pedal allows for easy and swift wiro inserting and closing.

With the Digital Control Panel, you can effortlessly adjust the loop count to meet different binding requirements. This user-friendly feature provides flexibility and convenience, enabling you to adapt to various project specifications seamlessly.

Say goodbye to labor-intensive wiro closing processes and costly wiro waste. Invest in our Automatic Wiro Closing Machine and experience enhanced productivity, efficiency, and cost savings. Take control of your calendar binding operations with ease and precision.

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Wiro Machine Details:

Minimum Order Quantity1 Piece
Automatic GradeFully Automatic
Max Binding Thickness<20 mm
Max Binding Book Width400-500 mm
Max Binding Sheet Width400-500 mm
Hole Size4 x 4mm
Weight (kg)500 to 600 Kg
Speed (Hr)1100 to 1200 Books / Hour
WarrantyOne year

Wiro Closing Features:

  • Auto Wiro Loop Cutting
  • Auto Wall Calendar Hanger Inserting
  • Auto Wiro Closing

Wiro Closing Process Details:

  • It cuts wiro as per loops count
  • Positions wiro at the desired location
  • Book placed manually
  • Wiro Automatically inserted and closed.
  • Automatic Hanger Insertion for Calendars
  • Fully Programmable Control Panel
  • Blower for Wiro Paper Wastage Removal
  • Auto Spool Unwinder

Additional Information:

  • Delivery Time: 45 Days
  • Packaging Details: wooden packing

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