Why use Automatic Wiro Cutting, Inserting And Closing Machine


Ajya Mistry And Sons have successfully developed Automatic Wiro Closing Machine for Desk Calendars and Wall Calendars with Hangers.

All of machines is developed by Team of Ajya Mistry and Sons and it is totally Indian made machine.

All components are heavy duty and durable , so there will not be any possibility of component wear out or breakage. And Ajya Mistry And Sons is offering full support and service for machine for one year free of cost.

This machine is a magic, We like to explain what it can do it for you.

This machine can use wiro spool, so first you can save cost on it’s purchase , since cut size wiro is little expensive than, wiro in spool. You can save at least 5% of cost on it.

This machine cuts the wiro as per requirement of calendar holes, means no wastage of wiro , no need to cut wiro manually or on other machine for inserting. You can program the machine to cut exact number of wiro loops.

Buying a cut size wiro is sometimes a burden, For example if you have stock of 34 loops wiro, And if you get order for desk calendars having 20 holes, means you either need to waste 4 loops in each cut size wiro or you have to purchase new cut size wiro from supplier.

This machine can be used for desk calendars with stand and also for wall calendars with hangers. This machine is also have facility to insert hanger automatically.

Also it saves a cost of labor required to do wiro closing. Only one or two persons are required to carry out the wiro closing work.

In short this machine is must for every printing unit doing Desk and wall calendars, as well as small books or brochures with wiro.

Ajya Mistry and sons provides all kind of support for running this machine.

You can visit our website at http://www.ajyamistry.com for more information about our capabilities and product range.

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