File master Machine

File Master Machine
File Master Machine

File Master Machine

Introducing Ajya Mistry And Sons’ Best Selling Machine: File Master Machine!

Are you in the business of manufacturing office files, spring files, or lever arch files? Look no further! We are proud to present our exceptional File Master Machine, designed to revolutionize your file manufacturing process and deliver outstanding results.

At Ajya Mistry And Sons, we understand the importance of high-quality and visually appealing office files. That’s why we have developed the File Master Machine, an extra heavy-duty machine with a unique electro-magnet clutch, specifically crafted to meet your production needs.

Key Features of File Master Machine:

📂 Superior Performance: Our machine is built to handle the demands of file manufacturing, ensuring efficient and precise operations every time.

📂 Electro Magnet Clutch: The File Master Machine is equipped with a cutting-edge electro-magnet clutch, providing smooth and reliable functionality, resulting in consistent file production.

📂 Safe and Sturdy Design: We prioritize safety and durability. Our machine features a robust construction, offering stability and longevity for continuous and long-lasting use.

📂 Versatile Application: Whether you need to manufacture office files, spring files, or lever arch files, our File Master Machine can accommodate a wide range of file types and sizes, providing you with versatility in your production.

With the File Master Machine as your trusted companion, you can enhance your manufacturing capabilities and produce beautiful office files that will impress your clients and customers. Experience seamless operations and achieve exceptional quality with every file you create.

Choose Ajya Mistry And Sons for your file manufacturing needs, and let our File Master Machine take your production to the next level. Discover the perfect balance of performance, reliability, and craftsmanship with our extraordinary machine.

Contact us today to learn more about our File Master Machine and how it can elevate your file manufacturing process. Unleash your creativity and bring your vision to life with Ajya Mistry And Sons!

For Cobra / Spring File Making, Office Files, Tag Files, and Lever / Box Files. Make quality Files with the best quality tools.

More Details :

Equipped with 1 HP Electric Motor, Operated By Electric Footswitch by Electro Magnet Clutch. This is a Multi-Purpose Machine and can also be used for Index Cutting, Single Line Creasing, Spiral, Wiro Hole Punching, etc. Also, have a Wooden Platform and gauges.

  • For Making Creasing Lines with Step Gauge
  • Six Hole Punching of Spring File
  • Four Holes of Office File
  • Round Corner Cutting.
  • Easy to change Die Set takes less time for change over.
  • 1 HP Electric Motor.
  • Electro Magnet Clutch


Fully Covered safe model available.

Easy to use foot operated switch, can be used by any skilled or unskilled person.

Heavy-duty structure gives a stable vibration-free performance.

This machine comes with our easy-to-fit die sets.

Easy die changeover is the main feature.

our special die sets give good production with quality

Benefits :

No Maintenance is required.

If required then any local electrician can correct it.

Best Quality product.

No Skilled person is required.

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File Hole Punching & Creasing

Product Details:

Minimum Order Quantity1 Piece
Automatic GradeSemi-Automatic
MaterialMS and CI
Power SourceElectric
Production Capacity1000-1500 Files
Voltage230 V
Power Consumption1 HP
Weight450 Kg
Number Of PhasesSingle
Place Of OriginIndia

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