Automatic File Creasing and Hole Punching

Automatic File Creasing and Hole Punching

Automatic File Creasing and Hole Punching
Automatic File Creasing and Hole Punching

Produce More and Save More !

Buy this Tool and Machine and save more than 10-12 L in investing in automatic machine which give same rate of production per hour as this machine.

We are here by introducing our Die for Two Creasing, Ring Hole, And Lever arch Mechanism fitting Hole In one single stroke of Machine. This will enhance productivity and quality by huge margin.
You can produce 1000 files in 1000 Stokes, which usually take 3000 strokes. so huge difference it make in labor cost and time required.
In One Hour you can produce 600 files, means in 8 hours you can make 4800 files.
If you wish to go for automatic machine for this purpose, it will cost you four times the cost of this machine.
Simple operation helps you to use unskilled labor for this machine, which also helps you save on paying high cost for skilled labor or you can use your skilled labor in other important work.
Besides due single stroke operation, it gives you consistently best quality throughout production.
Our main strength lies in the quality products you can make from our machine. We guarantee that our customers can compete with others nothing less than a best quality product and stay ahead in competition.

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With this File Master Machine and special die set save more money. You don’t need to spend 10 to 12 L of your money on single machine. You get above machine in almost 1/4 of the cost of any other single product producing automatic machine. Above machine is very easy to use and don’t need any skilled labor. More you can use same machine for different products by easily changing the die set. Die set can be changed in just 10 minutes.

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