Semi Automatic Case Maker Machine

Semi Automatic Case Maker Machine

Introducing the Mistry Case Maker, an exceptional creation by Ajya Mistry And Sons. Renowned as a leading manufacturer of bookbinding and packaging machinery, they have once again pushed the boundaries of innovation. This cutting-edge machine is set to redefine the production of premium hardcover cases and covers for a diverse range of products, including books, notebooks, boxes, and more. Get ready to experience a new era of excellence with the Mistry Case Maker.

Semi Automatic Case Maker Machine

Let us take you through the remarkable workings of our case maker machine:

  1. Gluing: With utmost care, Roller-type gluing applies adhesive to securely hold everything in place.
  2. Covering Material Application: Embrace creativity and customization as our machine expertly applies the covering material onto the cover boards. Choose from a diverse range of materials, including luxurious leather, exquisite cloth, or premium paper, to achieve the desired appearance and durability for your final product.
  3. Board Feeding: Our advanced machine effortlessly feeds cover boards, meticulously crafted from premium stiff cardboard or chipboard, ensuring a sturdy foundation for your hardcover.
  4. Folding: Witness flawless craftsmanship as our machine gracefully folds the covering material around the cover boards. This meticulous process guarantees a sleek, professional, and snug fit, elevating the aesthetics of your hardcover.
  5. Pressing: Our commitment to perfection doesn’t end there. After the covering material is flawlessly applied and glued, our machine applies just the right amount of pressure to the assembled case. This crucial step ensures optimal adhesion, eliminates any air bubbles or wrinkles, and guarantees a flawless finish.

Once our machine completes its remarkable work, the case is ready to be enriched further by adding the book block or other captivating content. Your finished book or product will reflect the excellence and precision that Ajya Mistry And Sons are renowned for.

Embrace efficiency, accuracy, and consistency with our case maker machine, a game-changer in the world of commercial printing and bookbinding. Experience streamlined production and witness the transformation of your ideas into high-quality hardcover cases that leave a lasting impression.

Join the league of industry leaders who rely on Ajya Mistry And Sons for unrivaled bookbinding and packaging solutions. Elevate your products with our exceptional case maker machine, and unlock a world of endless possibilities in crafting exquisite hardcovers.

Semi Automatic Case Maker Machine details

Technical Specifications

Min. Case sizePaper, Laminated Paper, Plastic, Coated Paper, Clothes, etc.
Max. Case size400mm x 700m
Paper thickness80gsm- 210gsm
Board thickness1mm- 5mm
Turning-in width15mm- 30mm
Production300 cases/hr
GlueHot/cold (optional)
Power5 HP, 3 Phases. 415 V
DimensionsH 1125 mm x L 2450mm x W
1100 mm
Weight570 Kg
Gluing SystemBottom type
Man PowerOne
MaterialsPaper, Laminated Paper, Plastic, Coated Paper, Clothes etc.


  • Paper, Laminated Paper, Plastic, Coated Paper, Clothes etc
  • Gluing can be done for boxes and other paper products
  • Simple glue can be used on the machine
  • Hot melt glue can also be used

Additional Information

Delivery Time45 Days
Production Capacity3 Machines
Packaging DetailsWooden Packing
Payment TermsT/T (Bank Transfer)

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