Pneumatic V Grooving Machine

New Product :

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Now Available the new Pneumatic V Grooving Machine for making V grooves effortlessly.

Operated in Two Modes by foot operated electric switch and Photo sensor.

Can be operated by any skilled or unskilled worker.

Single Cutter for making grooves.

With easy setting for making groove at any location.

Our Machine has power to make V groove in 3mm Kappa Cardboard without any efforts.

Pneumatic V Grooving Machine

Pneumatic V Grooving Machine

Features :

Very easy to use heavy duty machine.

With Minimum setting time.

Single groove cutter holder.

Different degree of V groove holders can be fitted on same machine for different jobs.

Up to 24″ x 24″ board can be v groove easily in machine.

Minimum Grooving distance from edge is 10mm.

Make grooves anywhere below 24″ sheet

Minimum distance between two grooves is 1mm ( Possible )

This Machine with less setting time will help you to make grooves faster and easier.

Gauges provided for faster job production with quality.

Focus :

Providing customers cost effective yet easy to use machine.

Single machine for manufacturing different jobs easily than ever.

Give customer a freedom to be more creative.

Best quality products from machine.

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