Manual V Grooving Machine

New Manual V Grooving Machine

Current Problems in V Grooving :

Not Easy to get right machine with right tool.

High cost of machine , yet not 100% usable for every product.

No local support or guidance available for running machine.

Restrictions on types of jobs can be carry out.

High setting time for job changeover.

More wastage cost.

What Our Machine offer :

Easy Manual working with no special skilled needed.

Easy setting of job.

Fast changeover from one product to another.

Local support & guidance available.

Can do V grooving on any shape square, rectangle, Hexgone, Circle etc.

Can make V groove at any distance or location.

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Manual V Grooving Machine

We are working on two models .

One model is manual hand operated and other is pneumatic operated.

First we are going to show our customers two models, then we are going to work on other models for rigid box manufacturing.

Manual V Groove Making Machine
Manual V Groove Making Machine

V grooving results on Manual Machine

Features :

Very easy to use.

With Minimum setting time.

Single groove cutter holder.

Up to 24″ x 24″ board can be v groove easily in machine.

Minimum Grooving distance from edge is 10mm.

Make grooves anywhere below 24″

Minimum distance between two grooves is 1mm ( Possible )

Manual Machine with less setting time will help you to make grooves faster and easier.

Gauges provided for faster job production with quality.

Focus :

Providing customers cost effective yet easy to use machine.

Single machine for manufacturing different jobs easily than ever.

Give customer a freedom to be more creative.

More Info

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