Manual V Grooving Machine

Multiple Uses of Manual V Grooving Machine

Cardboard Boxes Plus Galley

Calendar Stand 4 piece Galley

Diary 3 piece Spine Galley

In House Grooving

Save Cost

Save Time


Low Investment cost.

100% Product success rate.

Inhouse V grooving.

Save Transportation cost, so your margin gets boost.

Hide your creativity secrets from others.

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Very easy to use.

With Minimum setting time.

Single groove cutter holder.

Up to 24″ x 24″ board can be v groove easily in machine.

Minimum Grooving distance from edge is 10mm.

Make grooves anywhere below 24″

Minimum distance between two grooves is 1mm ( Possible )

Manual Machine with less setting time will help you to make grooves faster and easier.

Gauges provided for faster job production with quality.

36″ Manual V Grooving Machine

Pneumatic V Grooving Machine