Box Corner Cutting Machine

Box Corner Cutting Machine

Introducing Ajya Mistry And Sons, your trusted manufacturer of cutting-edge machines specifically designed for cutting box corners. Our machine efficiently cuts all four corners individually, ensuring the highest quality corners in boxes after folding.

Box Corner Cutting Machine

Box corner cutting is a critical task that significantly contributes to achieving flawless corners in your boxes. Our machine precisely cuts square corners from the cardboard at a perfect 90-degree angle, guaranteeing professional results. By eliminating the need for manual corner removal using blades, our machine streamlines the process, saving valuable time and effort for operators.

Equipped with hardened blades made from top-quality steel, our machine delivers exceptional cutting performance. It effortlessly cuts corners ranging from 20mm to 100mm, providing versatility and convenience for various box sizes.

To facilitate seamless operation, our machine is equipped with perfect right-angle gauges. These gauges assist operators in achieving consistent quality output, ensuring that every corner cut meets your high standards. This machine plays a crucial role in delivering impeccable finishing touches to your boxes, elevating the overall quality of your products.

At Ajya Mistry And Sons, we prioritize precision, durability, and customer satisfaction. Trust our cutting-edge machine to revolutionize your box corner-cutting process, ensuring superior results every time.

Features of Machine

Cuts 5 to 6 cardboards in one stroke.

Electric Foot Switch Operation.

Electromagnetic Clutch for Start Stop function.

Metal Platform with gauges.

Harden Cutters

Product Specification

Production Capacity1000 boards Per Hour per machine
Power Consumption0.75 Kw
Minimum Order Quantity1 Piece
Weight275 Kg
Working size6″
Delivery Time45 Days
Production Capacity3 Machines
Packaging DetailsWooden Packing 36″ x 36″ x 55″
Payment TermsT/T (Bank Transfer)

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