Rigid Cardboard Box Making

Cardboard V Grove Making Machine

Our Cardboard V grove making machine is a new addition to our products for Rigid Box Making. This machine is fully developed and manufactured by us in India. The design of machine is unique and its a new design and very easy to use.

Machine can make Two or Four groves together and available in 24″ and 36″ working sizes. Runs on 1 HP Single Phase supply motor with speed control panel.

Cardboard Box Corner Cutting Machine

Cardboard Box Corner cutting machine is used for cutting cardboard box corners after V grove making for making a box. This machine removes square corners of cardboard.

Kappa (Slot ) Cutting Machine

Kappa or Slot cutting machine is used to produce outside covers used in rigid box making. This machine can produce any size of out side cover and helps to reduce cost in manufacturing. This machine helps to save cost in making wooden punches and also saves space for storing them.

Top Side Gluing Machine

Top Side gluing machine is used for applying glue to paper sheets for wrapping box from outside.

Available in 24″, 36″ and also other custom sizes. Runs on 1 HP motor with Speed control panel. Any type of cold glue can be used in this machine.

Rotary Cardboard Cutting Machine

Rotary Cardboard Cutting Machine

Rotary type cutting for cardboard cutting

Rotary shear type cutters

Metal platform and gauges

Perfect straight & 90 degree cutting

Speed control panel

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