Automatic Hole Punching Machine

Automatic Hole Punching Machine

Features and Specifications

Automatic Hole Punching Machine
Automatic Hole Punching Machine

This is a specially design Automatic Hole Punching Machine for making holes at equal or unequal pitch automatically. This machine is programmable, so you can set multiple programs for different hole patterns.

Hole Punching Pattern

This Machine can make holes into 25 to 30 sheets together at particular distance or position.

Automatic Pneumatic Holding for holding sheets while feeding and punching.

Provided with Gauges for good job alignment while punching.

Sheet Stacker with sheet collector and aligner for better sheet collection after punching.

Servo Motor for Feeding the sheets at accurate feeding distance.

1 HP Single Phase Electric Motor for Punching Station.

Electro Magnet Clutch for proper punching and feeding.

Machine can be customize more to suit individual requirement. More features can be added to suit customers production requirement.

Machine has been given with Auto Mode and Manual Mode options.

Machines helps to punch holes up to 15000 Sheets Per Hour.

Hole Punch size can be change with change of die set.

Good quality HSS harden Punches for longer life.

Any shape, size hole die can be made as per customers specific requirement.

Semi Automatic Machine

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File Master Machine

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