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Manual V Grooving Machine

Manual V Grooving Machine

Ajya Mistry And Sons introduce new machine which helps to make v grooves on cardboard for box making.

Easy to Use

Main feature is machine is very easy use. No special skill is require to use the machine. Quick setting of gauge for job repetition .

Machine can be set for new job within 5 to 10 minutes.

No Wastage

Manual work make sure 100% accurate job output.

Manual hand

Stationary Manufacturing

New Cardboard V Grooving Machines

New Cardboard V Grooving Machines

Ajya Mistry And Sons recently introduced new models of Cardboard V Grooving Machines. More focus on creating easy to use machines, where box makers can focus on to be more creative. Easy to use machines can able to make any kind of box by making v grooves for folding at any location.

  • Manual V Grooving Machine
  • Pneumatic V Grooving Machine
Pneumatic V Grooving Machine
Manual & Pneumatic V groove Making Machines

Manual V Grooving Machine

Good for Sample making

No skill or training necessary

easy to use for creating multiple , unlimited varieties.

Pneumatic V Grooving Machine

Good for sample making, medium quantity work

easy to use

effortless working

easy for any skilled or unskilled

This machines are also useful in desk calendar stands, stand for ad material, case making for diary, three piece, four piece case making.

See Automatic V Groove Making Machine

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Stationary Manufacturing

Rigid Cardboard Box Manufacturing

Rigid Cardboard Box with V Grove

What type of machines required ?

For manufacturing rigid cardboard box used for packing of Shoes, Mobiles , Gift items and many other Basic machines required are

Paper Guillotine Cutter .

Half Cut or V Grove Machine,

Corner Cutter Machine

Kappa Cutting Machine

Gluing Machine

With Above set of machine you can make any type of Rigid cardboard box in different sizes. Above set up gives you flexibility to make box in any sizes in any number of quantity without any additional cost on tool or mold development. You can make 10 boxes for samples or you can make 10000 box for large orders. With this kind of set up you got the flexibility in accepting any order from customer.

You will have a flexible set up with no extra cost for producing different products, because you have a choice of making any number of boxes with no extra cost. So you will always have the competitive advantage.

For any business having minimum investment cost is good, And it is necessary to have such machines which can produce any sizes or types of boxes easily. Above machine set up doesn’t required highly skilled worker. You can train any normal persons to use and run the machines.


Cardboard V Grove Making Machine

Cardboard V Grove Making Machine

Ajya Mistry And Sons V grove making machine is totally Indian Make machine.

This machine is specially developed for making v groves into cardboard for making cardboard boxes.

Machine is design in such a way that anyone can use it and set it.

Machine setting can be done easily and changeover time from one product to another is minimum.

Machine runs on 1 HP single phase motor with speed control panel for speed changing.

Machine has Feed table with Gauge and stock table on back.


PVC Reel to A4 A3 Sheet Cutting

Ajya Mistry And Sons manufactures machine for PVC reel to sheet cutting machine for manufacturing A4 , A3 sheets from large width reels.

This machine can be used for sheet thickness range from 150 micron and above.

This machine is available in various options like slitting, shaft less unwinder , various stacking options etc.

Machine is heavy duty for good performance for long time.

Machine cuts sheets by digital servo based feeding system for more accurate cutting.

Our machine can be customize as per customer requirement.


Why use Automatic Wiro Cutting, Inserting And Closing Machine


Ajya Mistry And Sons have successfully developed Automatic Wiro Closing Machine for Desk Calendars and Wall Calendars with Hangers.

All of machines is developed by Team of Ajya Mistry and Sons and it is totally Indian made machine.

All components are heavy duty and durable , so there will not be any possibility of component wear out or breakage. And Ajya Mistry And Sons is offering full support and service for machine for one year free of cost.

This machine is a magic, We like to explain what it can do it for you.

This machine can use wiro spool, so first you can save cost on it’s purchase , since cut size wiro is little expensive than, wiro in spool. You can save at least 5% of cost on it.

This machine cuts the wiro as per requirement of calendar holes, means no wastage of wiro , no need to cut wiro manually or on other machine for inserting. You can program the machine to cut exact number of wiro loops.

Buying a cut size wiro is sometimes a burden, For example if you have stock of 34 loops wiro, And if you get order for desk calendars having 20 holes, means you either need to waste 4 loops in each cut size wiro or you have to purchase new cut size wiro from supplier.

This machine can be used for desk calendars with stand and also for wall calendars with hangers. This machine is also have facility to insert hanger automatically.

Also it saves a cost of labor required to do wiro closing. Only one or two persons are required to carry out the wiro closing work.

In short this machine is must for every printing unit doing Desk and wall calendars, as well as small books or brochures with wiro.

Ajya Mistry and sons provides all kind of support for running this machine.

You can visit our website at for more information about our capabilities and product range.