Rigid Cardboard Box Manufacturing

Rigid Cardboard Box with V Grove

What type of machines required ?

For manufacturing rigid cardboard box used for packing of Shoes, Mobiles , Gift items and many other Basic machines required are

Paper Guillotine Cutter .

Half Cut or V Grove Machine,

Corner Cutter Machine

Kappa Cutting Machine

Gluing Machine

With Above set of machine you can make any type of Rigid cardboard box in different sizes. Above set up gives you flexibility to make box in any sizes in any number of quantity without any additional cost on tool or mold development. You can make 10 boxes for samples or you can make 10000 box for large orders. With this kind of set up you got the flexibility in accepting any order from customer.

You will have a flexible set up with no extra cost for producing different products, because you have a choice of making any number of boxes with no extra cost. So you will always have the competitive advantage.

For any business having minimum investment cost is good, And it is necessary to have such machines which can produce any sizes or types of boxes easily. Above machine set up doesn’t required highly skilled worker. You can train any normal persons to use and run the machines.

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