Sequins Cutting Machine

Sequins Cutting Machine

Welcome to the world of Ajya Mistry And Sons, where innovation meets excellence. Allow us to introduce you to our flagship product, the Sequin Cutting Machine.

With over four decades of expertise in manufacturing and exporting specially designed Plastic Sequin Cutting machines, we take pride in being one of the oldest and most prominent players in the industry. Our machines are specifically designed to cut PVC, PET, and Polyester materials, offering versatility and exceptional precision for single and double-sheet cutting.

  • Sequins Cutting Machine

What sets us apart is our commitment to quality. As both the designer and manufacturer of Sequin Cutting Machines and Die sets, we maintain strict control over the entire production process. Our machines feature a four-pillar design for the balanced working of the die set, ensuring optimal performance and longevity.

Equipped with fully CNC wire-cut die sets made from hardened materials, our machines deliver unparalleled cutting speed and extended tool life. Operating at a rate of 100-120 strokes per minute, our Sequin Cutting Machine offers high productivity without compromising on precision.

The machine boasts a fully automatic feeder for seamless material feeding, enhancing efficiency and reducing downtime. Our advanced twin-cam four-pillar design ensures durability and stability, resulting in a longer life for the die set. The inline holes and embossing features add further versatility to the cutting process.

With inline scrap cutters integrated into the die, waste management becomes hassle-free. The digital control panel allows for precise feed length settings, ensuring consistent and accurate cutting every time. Our commitment to using high-quality steel for the die, along with hardened and ground punch and die plates, guarantees superior performance and durability.

Die changing is made simple, enabling quick transitions between different sequin shapes and sizes. No matter the complexity or dimensions, our Sequin Cutting Machine can effortlessly cut any shape and size of sequins, opening up a world of creative possibilities for your embroidery projects.

Experience the precision, speed, and reliability of our Sequin Cutting Machine, and take your embroidery work to new heights. Trust Ajya Mistry And Sons for quality craftsmanship and unparalleled performance.

Capacity500 to 1000 Kg per day
MaterialPlastic PVC, PET, Polyester
Product NameSequin Cutting Machine
Packing TypeWooden
Minimum Order Quantity1 Piece

Additional Information

Item CodeAJAY-SQ200
Delivery Time45 to 60 days
Packaging Detailswooden packing
Payment TermsT/T (Bank Transfer)

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