Paper Drilling Machine

This Machine is specially designed and manufactured in India by Ajya Mistry And Sons.

We have two different models one is Hand operated Two Hole Drilling and other is Semi Automatic Four Hole Drilling Machine.

Four Hole Paper Drilling Machine

Four Hole Paper Drilling Machine

Hand Paper Drill Machine

We have specially designed and developed Electric operated paper drill machine for making holes in 200 to 300 pages in one single stroke.

Four Independent drill heads can be moved at desired location easily.

Machine operated by electric foot switch.

Machine capable of making Two or Four Holes together in 300 pages.

With Special Gauges holes can be made at different locations and distances.

Because drills are made from special material and hardened they give better out put and run for longer time.

Paper Drill Bits

Paper Drilling Machine Bits

Also you can make holes on File Master Machine

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