ODF Film Cutting And Cassette Filling Machine

Oral Thin Film Cutting And Cassette Packing Machine.
  • Quantity in each cassette is changeable.
  • Any Type of Thin Film Can Be Cut.
  • Film Width 20mm to 25mm.
  • Film Length 20mm to 40mm
  • Cassette Placement Manually
  • Cassette Closing Manually.
  • Different cassette design can be used
  • Total Safe SS Machine as per Standards.
  • Once Film Loaded Machine cuts,counts and fills film.
  • 600 Cassettes Per Hour Speed
  • Available with 21 CFR Part II

ODF film cutting and cassette packing machine is specially design machine by Ajya Mistry And Sons for cutting ODF films and then put into plastic cassette or container . This machine automatically cuts the film at desire length feed into control panel. This machine works automatically . Three Film reels cut and filled into cassette. This machine counts the film and then fill it into cassette.

ODF Film Cutting And Cassette Filling

Oral Thin Film Technology

We are working on Oral Thin Film for more than 8 years and we are working on machines for Oral thin film making in Lab scale as well a production scale. We have already developed And manufacture machine for ODF film Cutting and Cassette Packing successfully. And we are also working on several other machines for Thin films manufacturing, processing and packaging. We can provide good support to produce and pack thin films.

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