ODF Film Cutting And Cassette Filling Machine

ODF Film Cutting And Cassette Filling Machine

ODF Film Cutting And Cassette Filling Machine is specially developed machine by Ajya Mistry & Sons in Mumbai, India. For cutting and filling mouth freshener film into cassette or container.

This machine is capable of cutting 20 to 30mm width film reel into 25 to 40mm length strips.

Machine Cuts the film at desire length , fills into cassette directly , counts the film.

ODF Film Cutting And Cassette Filling Machine
ODF Film Cutting And Cassette Filling Machine
Oral Thin Film Mouth Freshener Cassette Filling

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Cassette Filling Machine Specifications :

  • SS 316 & SS 316L Material structure
  • Fully Automatic not necessary to use human assistance in cutting & inserting Strips
  • Cut in length & Put inside cassettes automatically
  • Counting & Filling type mechanism
  • Thin Film Separation from supporting Pet film.
  • Different option of Separated film disposal.
  • Three Station Unwinding with Individual Servo Motor tension control for Film Mechanisms for Film Tension control and alignment.
  • 16 Cassette Mandrels( Holders ) for Feeding and Filling Rotary Table type Cassette Feeding for Filling.
  • Film Quantity in cassettes can be adjusted easily with counter in HMI
  • Strip Width : 20mm to 25mm
  • Strip Length : 25mm to 40mm
  • Input Material : Slitted Rolls in required width( 20-25mm) under 225mm Diameter
  • Cassettes Size : Width 30mm to 40mm x Length 40mm to 50mmSpeed : 600 / 700 Cassettes / Hour
  • Three Film Rolls together can be Put into machine for Cutting
  • Core ID of slitted Rolls : 76mmCore Width of Slitted Rolls: 1-2 mm More than Film Width
  • Fully Enclosed Structure for safe operation. PLC Controlled operations with easy to use HMI.
  • Servo Motor Based Length Feeding for accurate length cutting.
  • Servo Motor Based Unwinding for Better Tension Control during film separation.
  • Fully Synchronize process control for Smooth & Easy movement of film 21 CFR Part II Compliance ( Optional ) Touch Screen HMI / Industrial PC
  • No Cassette No Filling Sensor ( Optional )
  • Film Rejection with Camera ( Optional )

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Plastic Slide Type Cassette
Plastic Slide Type Cassette

Plastic Cassettes Manufacturer ,Supplier Available . ( Send message for inquiry )

Special Customization for Branding can be done for good quantities.