Collarband Cutting Machine Video

Collarband Cutting Machine

collar band cutting machine
collar band cutting machine

Collar band cutting machine video page shows Ajya Mistry and sons Specially design machine for Collar band Cutting is used for cutting collar bands from Pvc or Pet reels automatically.

This same machine can be used for cutting Plastic Butterfly, Polyester Collar Bonds or Collarstays etc.

This machines run automatically without any extra efforts for feeding the sheet for cutting.

Collar Band Cutting Machine Video

Butterfly Cutting on Collar band cutting Machine

Butterfly used in shirt packing can be cut on same collar band cutting , so that you can use same machine for different shapes and save cost on investing in separate second machine

Collarbond Cutting on Collar band cutting Machine

Collarbonds or collar stays are used inside the shirt collar which keep corners of shirt collars stable. generally this collar stays are cut from polyester material.

Small Machine for Butterfly and Collarbond Cutting

First Model for Collarband Cutting Machine

Butterfly Cutting Machine