Automatic Spiral Forming & Inserting Machine

Automatic Spiral Forming & Inserting Machine

The automatic Spiral Forming and Inserting Machine in India is manufactured by Ajya Mistry And Sons with quality & branded components.

Working of Machine

This machine is designed to form a metal spiral in the required diameter and insert it directly into pre-punched books.

Very few change parts & Settings make this machine very easy to use.

This machine not only saves cost binding but helps you to get good consistent quality.

Automatic Spiral Forming

The machine is equipped with an Automatic Spiral Forming unit comprising of Spiral forming Mandrel.

Mandrel is a change part for changing the diameter of the spiral wire.

The spiral pitch is also set here with the assembly set having one type of pitch.

If the spiral required a different pitch, then this part also needs to be changed.

Machine Details:

Minimum Order Quantity1 Piece
Automatic GradeFully Automatic
Max Binding Thickness<20 mm
Max Binding Book Width500 mm
Max Binding Sheet Width500 mm
Hole Size4 mm
Spiral Forming Die Sizes with Machine12mm,16mm,19mm,22mm
Weight (kg)500 to 600 Kg
Speed (Hr)700 to 800 Books / Hour
WarrantyOne year

Spiral Inserting

  • Spiral is formed and directly inserted into books
  • The spiral is cut into the required number of loops
  • The spiral also cuts & bends at both ends

Automatic Spiral Forming & Inserting Machine Features

  • It cuts Spiral as per the loops count set in the control panel.
  • Perfectly inserts spiral into a book.
  • Book placed manually
  • The Spiral is Automatically inserted and bent at both ends.
  • Conveyor for book delivery ( Optional )
  • Fully Programmable Control Panel
  • Four size mandrels
  • Wire Bundle unwinder

Additional Information:

  • Delivery Time: 45 Days ( Lead time varies during Notebook & Calendar Season )
  • Packaging Details: wooden packing

Spiral Hole Punching