Wiro Cutting Machine

Wiro Cutting Machine

Wiro Cutting Machine

The Wiro Cutting Machine is an excellent solution for cutting wiro loops to the desired number. At Ajya Mistry and Sons, we are proud to develop three different models to meet the needs of our valued customers.

Our Manual, Semi-Automatic, and Fully Automatic Wiro Cutting Machines are designed for ease of use and versatility. With these machines, customers can effortlessly cut wiro to their desired sizes, regardless of the pitch. Whether it’s a 3:1 or 2:1 pitch, our machines can handle it. We provide various settings to accommodate different wiro sizes for both pitches, ensuring maximum flexibility and efficiency. Trust in our machines to deliver precise results every time.

Manual Wiro Cutting Machine

The manual Wiro Cutting Machine features a versatile table with a range of gauge options for adjusting the Wiro loop count. Users can effortlessly set the desired size by adjusting the gauge, then smoothly pull the Wiro from the spool to fine-tune its length according to the selected gauge. With the convenience of a manual foot pedal, cutting the Wiro becomes a seamless and precise process.

Semi-Automatic Wiro Cutting Machine

The Semi-Automatic Wiro Cutting Machine offers a variety of gauge options for the wiro loop count. With its motor-driven spool, users can effortlessly unwind the wiro. Once the desired gauge is set, simply press the electric foot pedal to swiftly cut the wiro with precision.

Fully Automatic Wiro Cutting Machine

A fully Automatic Wiro Cutting Machine is a meticulously designed and developed machine that effortlessly cuts wiro at various sizes. This advanced machine boasts a user-friendly touchscreen HMI, allowing for easy adjustment of the loop count to be cut. Once the desired settings are input, the machine seamlessly carries out the entire cutting process in a fully automated cycle. From pulling the wiro from the spool to precisely adjusting the loop count and finally delivering the cut wiro to the separating conveyor, every step is flawlessly executed. With the aid of this exceptional machine, users can confidently cut wiro with utmost peace of mind and unparalleled accuracy.

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