Office File Making Process

Office, Spring And Tag Files

Office File Making Process

Machines Required for Producing Office, Spring & Tag Files

Office, Spring and tage files can be produce easily.

Once you purchase raw material from the supplier, you need to cut it into required size by our Paper Cutting Machine,

Semi Automatic Paper Cutting Machine

Then You need to screen print your own information like name, logo and other necessary text or art work.

Once you make file boards with printing, all you have to do is start file making process on our File Master Machine.

File Master Machine
File Master Machine

This machine is multipurpose machine and helps you to perform all operations of file making as below,

Round Croner Cutting

Hole Punching

File Creasing with step gauge

So this single machine can be used for creating office, spring and tag files.

First all corners are cut to round corner one by one on all four corners by putting 15 to 20 sheets together for cutting.

Then Creasing of file done with the help of Hole punching die and step gauge. Six creasings are made on each file one by one. One or two files can be crease together depending on thickness of file board.

Holes required for file clip fitting are punched with the help of file hole punching die. five to six files are punched together one by one.

Finally clips are fitted with hand tools.

With one machine and changing of die sets, 1000 to 2000 files per day can be made. If machine quantity is increased file production also gets increase in numbers.

File Master Machine