Surgical Mask Making Machine

We have successfully designed the Surgical Mask Making Machine for making masks from non woven material for making 3 Ply Surgical masks.

The Machine will able to produce 3 ply masks with automatic Ear loop fitting on attached machine.

Machine uses ultrasonic welding process for mask manufacturing.

Machine have capacity to produce 3 or 4ply masks with automatic sealing and cutting with ear loop fitting at the rate of 60 to 80 pc’s per minute.

Machine also have automatic inline nose clip fitting arrangement.

All the parts used for basic structure are of Stainless Steel .

Control Panel for machine has touch screen HMI with all PLC and other electrical components of worlds best brand for easy servicing and replacement if any problem persists.

Also all automation components are from best brand.

We will update with more details soon.

Meanwhile interested customers can get in touch with us through contact page for more details about machine and all related details.