Automatic Wiro Closing Machine

Automatic Wiro Closing for Books and Calenders. with Calender Hanger inserting automatically. This Machine automatically counts the loops of wiro and then cuts it. Then book is inserted into wiro and after pressed by Wiro closing unit. Loop count can be change easily through Digital Control Panel.


  • Auto Wiro Cutting
  • Auto Calender Hanger Inserting
  • Auto Wiro Closing
  • Details:

  • It cuts wiro as per loops count
  • Positions wiro at desire location
  • Book wiro insertion manually for less changeover problems
  • Two Stations, One for inserting and One for Closing
  • Automatic Hanger Insertion for Calenders
  • Fully Programmable Control Panel
  • Blower for Wiro Paper wastage Removal
  • Auto Spool Unwinder
  • Automatic Office Spring File Creasing Machine

    "Ajya Mistry And Sons " Introduces Programmable "Automatic Office / Spring File Creasing Machine". This machine makes creasing lines for office or spring file automatically. This Machine is programmable machine with 10 set of creasing can be set in one program and this machine can store 10 different set of programs in it. Creasing distance is adjustable through digital control panel. This machine doesn't require any mechanical settings for adjusting creasing distance. Main feature of this machine is ' this machine can make creasing lines on any GSM of File Board with quality. We are also giving option of single line creasing for making lines on printed brochures , greeting cards etc. This machine can be customize to suit individual requirment. This type of creasing machine is good for getting good creasing depth without any scratches or tearing on folding edges. Quality of creasing and folding will be good.


  • Good Creasing for Any GSM
  • Easy To Program
  • Good Quality Throughout Production
  • Details:

  • Easy to use prgrammable creasing distances.
  • Full control over quality and production.
  • creasing distance and quality remains same in all batches of production.
  • Fully digital control panel for creasing distance programming.
  • Runs on 1 HP electric motor with speed control.
  • Photocell control for printed material available ( Optional on request)
  • Hydraulic Envelope Cutting Machine

    Hydraulic Envelope Punching Machine for Envelope Cutting. With this machine we have given customer options of using traditional die set as well as One adjustable die sets for different sizes of envelope cutting. Machine has two cylinder design for better cutting capacity. Harden Four pillar design gives its good balance for cutting and also increases its accuracy of cutting. 10 Ton Cpacity machine with hydraulic power pack unit. Full Metal platform also with sliding type aluminium platform. Gauges for envelope cutting gives good control over job repetability.


  • Easy to Operate
  • Two In One Die Design
  • Safe to Handle
  • Details:

  • MS and CI Fabricated
  • 24 x 18" , 24" x 36" Sizes
  • 10 Ton Capcity cutting force
  • Four Pillar Design
  • 5 Hp Three Phase electric Motor for power pack
  • Customize to suit customers need and productivity.
  • Control panel with limit switch
  • Motorised Pressing Machine

    Dab Press Machine for Book Pressing,This our latest machine for pressing the bound books or diaries. This machine runs on 2 HP three phase electric motor. Machine run by up and down by control panel and height or pressure is control panel limit switch. Machine is fabricated by Heavy Cast iron and have four pillar design for better balancing of pressure. Heavy duty lead screw design gives better pressure.


  • Heavy Duty Design
  • Four Pillar Balance Design
  • Heavy Screw of 100mm
  • Details:

  • MS and CI Fabricated
  • 24" x 18" , 24" x 36" sizes
  • Special size can be made
  • 2 HP Three Phase Motor
  • Auto Pressure Stop
  • Control panel for up down movement
  • Weight around 600 Kg
  • Free Mounted Rollers for Tension Control
  • Web aligner Optional.