Servo Based Reel to Sheet Cutting Machine

Servo Based Reel to Sheet Cutting Machine

New Reel to Sheet Cutting Machine with Servo based Length Feeding. Speed of cutting 50 meters per minute and accuracy 0.1 to 0.2 mm Available in various width. Length Changing in fraction of seconds with digital control panel. With conveyor for material stacking and delivery

Servo Based Reel to Sheet Cutting Machine

Reel To Sheet Cutting Machine

Roll To Sheet Cutting Machine:

Servo based Reel to Sheet Cutting Machine
For cutting Non Woven,Paper,Board,Plastic,Gasket,Aluminium Rubber.
Roll To Sheet Cutter
Are highly accurate and sturdy.Paper Roll To Sheet Cutting Machine for Various Sizes. Fully Automatic Feeding By Servo Motor for High Accuracy in Cutting Length,Available with Slitting option for directly converting Big rolls into Small Sizes. Feed Length Setting is Done through Control Panel in just Few Seconds easily. Experiance of 15 years in manufacturing Servo based Reel to sheet cutting machine in India.


  • High Accuracy 0.1 to 0.2 mm
  • Low Wastage Design
  • Photo Cell can be used for print mark detection for cutting
  • Details:

  • Available from 12" to 60" Working.
  • Six Set Of Male Female Rotary Shear Type Cutters for Slitting.
  • Razor blade Cutting can be added.
  • Only Slitter and sheeter or Slitter and Rewinder available.
  • Servo Motor Feeding for Sheeting
  • 3 HP Three Phase electric Motor for Slitting
  • 2 HP Three Phase Electric Motor for Sheeter.
  • Touch Screen Control Panel for Length Setting
  • Web aligner Optional.
  • Print Mark Detection available
  • We can Customize Machine to suit your need
  • We have supplied machines for Paper,Sticker paper,Soft and Rigid Plastic, Gasket