Orally Dissolving Thin Film Cutting And Cassette Packing Machine

" Ajya Mistry And Sons" Have successfully Manufactured machines for Orally Dissolving Thin Film or Orally Disintegrating Film Cassette Packing Machine. Main use of this machine is in manufacturing of Thin film breath strips / Mouth Freshner strips / medicines film Cassette Packing.

  • Our Machine is capable of Cutting This Film into required size and then Puts it directly into Plastic Container or cassette.
  • This Cutting and Filling Operation is Totally Automatic, with No human interferance needed.
  • Machine is capable of counting number of films before inserting it into Plastic Container.
  • Machine is design and manufactured as per stadards use in Pharma Industry for Safe Operation.
  • Material use for construction is as per International Standard
  • This Machine fills 600-700 Cassettes per Hour
  • Also Available Machines For
  • Lab Scale Film Casting Machine
  • Production Film Casting Machine
  • Single Film Pouch Packing Machine
  • Multiple Film Pouch Packing Machine