File Making Catalog


File Master Machine

Ajya Mistry And Sons File Master Machine is Heavy Duty Machine. Equiped with 1 HP Electric Motor, Operated By Electric Foot switch by Electro Magnet Clutch. This is a Multi Purpose Machine and can also be used for Index Cutting, Single Line Creasing, Spiral, Wiro Hole Punching etc. Also have Wooden Platdorm and gauges.

  • For Making Creasing Lines with Step Gauge
  • Six Hole Punching of Spring File
  • Four Holes of Office File
  • Round Corner Cutting.
  • Easy to change Die Set takes less time for change over.
  • 1 HP Electric Motor.
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    Rotary File Creasing Machine

    Rotary File Creasing Machine is specially design by Ajya Mistry And Sons for Better productivity for office and spring file manufacutring. This machine makes six or seven lines of files in one single pass at the rate of 60-70 files per minute.Distance between two creasings is adjustable. Machine also has inline folding attachement for folding the file at desire creasing.

  • 28" Working Area"
  • For Six or Seven Creasings in One Single Pass
  • 60-70 Files Per Minute Creasing
  • Creasing Dsitance and Depth Adjustable for each crease
  • With Folding Attachment
  • Speed Control Panel
  • 1 HP Electric Motor.
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    Automatic Office Spring File Creasing Machine

    "Ajya Mistry And Sons " Introduces Programmable "Automatic Office / Spring File Creasing Machine". This machine makes creasing lines for office or spring file automatically. This Machine is programmable machine with 10 set of creasing can be set in one program and this machine can store 10 different set of programs in it. Creasing distance is adjustable through digital control panel.Main feature of this machine is this machine can make creasing lines on any GSM of File Board with quality.


  • Good Creasing for Any GSM
  • Easy To Program
  • Good Quality Throughout Production
  • Details:

  • Easy to use prgrammable creasing distances.
  • Full control over quality and production.
  • creasing distance and quality remains same in all batches of production.
  • Fully digital control panel for creasing distance programming.
  • Runs on 1 HP electric motor with speed control.
  • Photocell control for printed material available ( Optional on request)