File Making Catalog


File Master Machine

  1. For Lever Arch File Creasing.
  2. For Punching all Holes of Lever arch File in One stroke
  3. Finger Ring Eyelet Fixing
  4. Two Rado Eyelet Fixing in One Single stroke
  5. Corner patti edge protector fixing
  6. Electro Magnet Clutch
  7. 1 HP Electric Motor.

Rotary Pressing Machine

  1. 24" Working Model.
  2. For Pressing Glue sheets after pasting
  3. Two Rubber roller and Two Metal Rollers for Pressing
  4. Metal Roller Well grinded and Hard Chrome Plated
  5. Metal Platform with Guage
  6. Better Quality with pressing
  7. 1 HP Electric Motor.

Lever Arch Eyelet Fixing Machine

  1. For fixing Lever Arch mechanism Eyelets
  2. Closes All Four Eyelets in One stroke
  3. Eyelets are inserted manually in Board before Pressing
  4. Good quality in eyelet closing
  5. Good Job Repeatability with Guages
  6. Electro Magnet Clutch Operated
  7. 1 HP Electric Motor.

Top Side Gluing Machine

  1. 24" and 30" Working Models"
  2. Apply Glue from Top of the paper
  3. Glue can be applied on Paper, Plastic, Board
  4. Specially Design Roller for better glue speading
  5. Speed Control Panel
  6. 4' Conveyor

Foot Operated Creasing Machine

  1. 18",24" Working Models
  2. For Single Line creasing,Index Cutting,Perforation.
  3. Multi Purposed Machine can be used for some other operations.
  4. Wooden Platforms and Gauges.
  5. Easy to change Die Set takes less time for change over.
  6. Line Perforation is Possible with a Die Change

Rotary Perforation Creasing Machine

  1. 28" Working Model.
  2. For Simple Creasing or Reverse Forward Creasing.
  3. Individual Cutter Movement with Depth Adjustment for each Cutter.
  4. Fully covered Machines for safe Operation.
  5. Can Also be used for Half Cut and Perforation operations
  6. 1 HP Electric Motor.